Studio Policies


Studio time is booked by appointment only, no walk-ins allowed.  Please call 304-599-7332, email or message Mark via Facebook Messenger to book studio time.

Studio Recording Rates:

$40 per hour (2 hour minimum)
+ 6% Sales tax


Zone 8 is set up on a pay as you go basis. Payment for a session is expected at the end of each day and before any copies of the work leave the studio.

If booking four or more consecutive days the client has the option of paying at least 60% of studio fee before the session begins and the remaining balance at the end of the last day. Payment is required before any copies of work leave the studio.

Methods of payment accepted:

Cash, Check (local only) made out to Zone 8 Studio or Mark Poole. Paypal is accepted as well but there will be an additional 5% added to offset Paypal fees.

Studio Policies:

My studio is operated in my small rented house in a residential community, so certain policies must be respected to keep peace with my neighbors and my landlord. While I do my best to keep the studio atmosphere super relaxed there are a few studio rules I absolutely have to stick by to keep me from getting shut down. If these are conditions you think are unreasonable, I apologize but it’s the only way I can really offer this service.

1. Studio time is booked by appointment only.  I can usually allow clients’ access to the studio 15-20 minutes prior to scheduled time for load-in and set-up but please try not to arrive earlier.

2. No alcohol and no smoking. I have to stick to this because of problems I’ve had in the past. I’m not trying to be harsh it’s just the only way I can keep things running smoothly here.   Smoking is allowed outside the studio building if butts and debris are disposed of properly and neighbor’s property is respected.

3. Parking is limited: the fewer cars you bring the better.  There is space for 3 vehicles directly behind my house, if necessary I can probably make arrangements with the business  across the street to accommodate some spillover.

4. There is a 10 pm cut off time for recording so not to disturb my neighbors.  We can still work on some things after 10 pm as long as it’s not loud stuff…i.e. drums, bass, loud guitar.   Vocal tracks are usually okay past 10 pm and mixing can be done later as well.

5. This isn’t a staunch rule but a recommendation: The less people hanging around at the session, the better the session flows and the more work gets done, which can save you serious money in the end.   I’ve done sessions where the clients brought friends to watch and it gets kind of cramped and people are chatting while vocals are being cut, etc… it becomes really hard to accomplish anything.  Plus I’m simply going to do a better job if I can concentrate.  It’s best to save the party for when your back home listening to the days’ work.  Once again, I don’t want to sound like a killjoy here, but I’ve watched clients waste hundreds of dollars because of having too many people present at the recording session.

6. While I’m not diametrically opposed to outside producers/engineers coming in, I’d prefer to run the session myself. I know how my room sounds and the ins and outs of my particular set up. I can achieve good transportable mixes when I can mix freely. I’m always up for suggestions and I like having input from the client throughout the process but I can only feel confident about getting good results when I’m operating the board myself.